How to Add Call to Actions with Button to WordPress Sites

A Call to action (CTA) is an instruction to your website readers, visitors or audience created to provoke an immediate response from them usually using an imperative verb that forms a command or request such as “Sign up Now”, “Learn More” or “Download Now!” etc.

Call to Action popup message
Popup Call to Action

Note: all our opt-in types including notification bar, slide-in or fly-in, in-post, embedded, lightbox popup, sidebar/widget support the call-to-action feature.

Enabling Call to Action Button

To enable call to action button to replace the default opt-in form shown; click the title of the opt-in campaign or the custom button beside it to open the form builder.

Opt-in campaign listing page.

Click the “Fields” and enable “Display Only CTA Button” which reveals a number of controls such as button action and options to customize the button to your heart content.

Enabling call to action button in MailOptin opt-in campaign

Actions are available when the call to action button is clicked. They are “Navigate to URL“, “Reveal Optin Form“, “Close optin” and “Close optin and reload page“.

The “Navigate to URL” option takes your visitors, readers or users to another web page or website base on the URL you specify. See a demo below.

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Note: when the CTA button is clicked, it is counted as a conversion and as a result, a success message is displayed the next time users who clicked the button encounter the CTA message again. If you will love to display the CTA regardless of whether it has been closed (incase of lightbox, notification bar and slide-in optins) or the button has been clicked, or better still hide it altogether, then the state after conversion feature is for you. It’s also worth noting that activating test mode or setting the success cookie to 0 (zero) prevents button clicks from being counted as a conversion thus causing the CTA message even after button click.

State after conversion settings

The “Reveal Optin Form” option when selected reveals or displays an opt-in form when the CTA button is clicked. See a demo below.

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See how easy it is to add a call-to-action to WordPress with MailOptin plugin? Let us know if you have any question.