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WooCommerce Integration

Display targeted call-to-actions and optin forms across your eCommerce store to grow your email list and increase sales conversions.

Things you can achieve include showing an upsell or cross sell on the order received page, giving coupon codes on cart and checkout pages especially when a shopper tries to abandon their order.

Set up automation that sends daily, weekly, monthly or instant email alert of new products published.

Lead Generation

Hyper Lead Segmentation

MailOptin’s deep integration with WooCommerce allows you to display your optin and call-to-actions on specific area of your store for better segmentation of your leads such as on product pages, products belonging to specific categories and tags, on cart and checkout pages, endpoints and more.

Grow Your Email List

lightbox popup 1

Lightbox Popup

Lightbox popups appear over the existing webpage to grab people’s attention and display targeted messages designed to get people to take action, whether that be to subscribe or buy.

notification bar

Notification Bar

Floating notification bars attach themselves to the top or bottom of any webpage and remain visible as site visitors scroll through your content. They are a great alternative to lightbox popups as they never interrupt the viewing experience.

slide in


Slide-in boxes are a strategic way to grab people’s attention in a less intrusive way. Sliding into view based on user behavior and pre-determined triggers such as a page scroll, this campaign is perfect for getting people to subscribe.

sidebar widget 1

Sidebar / Widget

MailOptin’s exclusive widget makes adding an optin form to any widget-ready area of your website, such as a sidebar or footer section, a cinch. Don’t miss an opportunity to build your email list.

before after content 1

Before / After Post

Grab the attention of your most engaged site visitors by placing an optin form before or after your site’s blog posts. Those that are already committed to what you have to offer are more likely to convert.

embedded inline

Embedded / Inline

If you want more flexibility than the before and after post optins afford, use an inline optin that can appear anywhere on your WordPress website – post, pages, and even your theme template files.

Email Automation

New Product Notifications & Email Digest

The WooCommerce integration is super powerful and plays nicely together with our Email Automation feature.

Publishing a new product and want your subscribers to notify? We’ve got you covered!

Schedule product campaigns – daily, weekly, or even monthly – to keep your customers informed of new products added to your store.

Convert More Visitors & Increase Revenue Right Now

MailOptin recovers lost leads and keeps subscribers coming back for more with unique optins and email automation.