Lead Generation

Convert website visitors into subscribers & create automated, event-triggered follow-up emails. All inside WordPress.

Intuitive & Powerful Form Builder

MailOptin uses the WordPress Customizer that you already know and love. So it’s super easy to build beautiful, high-converting, lead generation forms optimized to get people to take action.

Multiple Display Options

Lightbox Popup

Lightbox popups appear over the existing webpage to grab people’s attention and display targeted messages designed to get people to take action, whether to subscribe or buy.

Notification Bar

Floating notification bars attach themselves to the top or bottom of any webpage and remain visible as site visitors scroll through your content. They are a great alternative to lightbox popups as they never interrupt the viewing experience.


Slide-in boxes are a strategic way to grab people’s attention in a less intrusive way. It slides into view based on user behavior and pre-determined triggers such as a page scroll, this campaign is perfect for getting people to subscribe.

Sidebar / Widget

MailOptin’s exclusive widget adds an optin form to any widget-ready area of your website, such as a sidebar or footer section, a cinch. So don’t miss an opportunity to build your email list.

Before, Middle & After Post

You can grab the attention of your most engaged site visitors by placing an optin form, banner, or message before, middle, or after your post/page content.

Embedded / Inline

If you want more flexibility than the before and after post optins afford, use an inline optin that can appear anywhere on your WordPress website – posts, pages, and even your theme template files.

Convert Abandoning Visitors into Subscribers

Over 70% of visitors who abandon your website will never return. Our exit-intent technology detects the exact moment a visitor is about to leave your site so you can display a targeted optin form to convert them into subscribers or display an exclusive offer.

Create Custom User Registration Forms

The default WordPress signup form sucks. It doesn’t blend with your site design, lacks fields to collect information about users, and is difficult to customize without coding skills.

MailOptin fixes all that, and your registration form can be embedded anywhere on your site or shown as a popup, slide-in or scroll-box, notification bar, and sidebar widget. Learn more.

A/B Testing

MailOptin’s easy-to-use A/B split testing tool helps you make data-driven decisions that will increase conversion rates and eliminate guesswork about what drives site visitors to convert.

By measuring the impact of the changes on your metrics, you can ensure that every change produces positive results.

Content Lock | Gated Content

MailOptin is the best content locking solution that lets you block or remove portions of your content only available to your subscribers. It requires users to enter their email addresses to see the content. If a user is already a subscriber, they will see the full blog post.

Advanced Analytics with Actionable Reporting & Insights

Measuring your results has never been easier. You can access essential metrics and improve your lead-generation strategies. You can think of actionable ideas and make data-driven decisions to increase your revenue. Our Google Analytics integration allows you to view detailed data regarding your campaign performance right in your account dashboard.

MailOptin Leads Is a Backup Strategy for Your Subscribers

Leads stores all form submissions in MailOptin. It also stores essential data and subscriber behavior that generally can’t be passed to your email marketing service, such as the lead referrer, time of conversion, and where the conversion took place on your site.

Catch Your Visitor’s Eye with Sound & DisplayEffects

DisplayEffect helps direct your site visitors’ attention to your optin forms using animated effects. Choose from over 30+ built-in CSS3 animation effects to bring awareness to your optin forms.

Adding and playing sound effects when your optin campaigns are displayed is an effective way to grab users’ attention.

Display Rules Highlight

Scroll Trigger

Visitors who scroll through your site are interested in what you offer. During this engagement time, you should try to get them to convert. For example, you can use a scroll trigger to show a slide-in when a user finishes reading your content.

Click Launch

Click Launch (on-click) triggers turn any link, button, or image into a 2-step opt-in process. In other words, when a visitor clicks on a link, button, or an image, a popup, slide-in, or notification bar will display, urging them to subscribe or buy.

Time on Site

Time on Site triggers allows you to instantly show your optin to visitors or display it after they’ve been on your site for a specific time. This strategy is perfect for rewarding visitors who have spent a lot of time on your site.


Pageviews triggers allow you to display a targeted offer or optin form to your visitors once they reach a certain number of pageviews during their current browsing session. This strategy is perfect for rewarding visitors who have spent time reading your site content.

AdBlock Detection​

MailOptin detects visitors that come to your site using AdBlock, AdBlock Plus, uBlock, uBlock Origin, and browser ad-blockers so you can display alternative content or offers to them.
Unlike other lead generation software, MailOptin can detect all ad blockers.

New vs. Returning Visitor

MailOptin allows you to show an optin form, call to action, or message to visitors who are either new — visiting your website for the first time or returning — have visited your website in the past.

Referrer Detection

Automatically track sources of web traffic so you can create optins targeted at visitors referred to your site from specific referrals such as visitors from Google.
A perfect way to find out which traffic source brings in the most conversion and revenue.

Device Targeting

MailOptin’s device targeting allows you to display or target your campaigns to desktop, mobile, and tablet users to create a better user experience and improve your conversion rates.

Cookie Targeting

Create optin campaigns that are shown or hidden to your website visitors and users based on the cookies in their browser.

Query string targeting

Query String Targeting

With MailOptin, you can target your opt-in campaigns to visitors based on the query strings on the URL of the page they are currently on.

WooCommerce Targeting

Display your optins and targeted messages across your eCommerce store, including product pages, products belonging to specific categories and tags, cart and checkout pages, endpoints, and more.

Want to display an optin when a product is added to the cart? We got you covered.

The following conditions are available: Products in Cart, Customer has Purchased, Cart Item Count, Cart Total, and Customer Spent.

Multilingual Targeting

MailOptin integrates with popular WordPress multilingual plugins and solutions such as Polylang and Weglot that translate your website into multiple languages. This allows you to display your optin only on specific language versions of your site.

Other Notable Features

Other Plugins Integration

Connect to your CRM, Gravity Forms, Contact Form 7, WPForms, Ninja Forms, Elementor forms, Formidable Forms, Fluent Forms, MemberPress, Paid Memberships Pro, LearnDash, LifterLMS, Tutor LMS, WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, Ultimate Member etc.


Send welcome messages to new subscribers and make your first impression count. When you send emails with your contacts in mind, you form stronger, longer-lasting relationships.

Spam Protection

MailOptin uses the brilliant honeypot technique to combat spam. It also added reCAPTCHA by Google, which uses advanced risk analysis and automated software to prevent spammers.

Page-level Targeting

Build hyper segmented email lists with page-level targeting, which allows you to display optins and targeted offers based on where your site visitors are on your website.

Beautiful Themes

Choose from many beautifully designed themes that you can customize to your heart’s content. You maintain total control of backgrounds, colors, and fonts.

User Targeting

Create customized and targeted optin campaigns for logged-in users or guests. This can instantly boost conversions and increase revenue.


MailOptin integrates with many reliable and popular email marketing providers, CRMs, analytics & WordPress solutions

Campaign Monitor
Keap / Infusionsoft

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