Click Launch Trigger - 2 Step Opt-in Technology

Click launch optin form trigger setup

MailOptin’s click launch (click trigger) allows you to turn any link, button or image into a two-step opt-in process.

When a visitor clicks on the link, button or an image, a popup optin form is shown urging them to subscribe.

Research has proven that users that begins an action are more likely to complete the action. So when a your websites visitors and users click a link that pops up a form, they are likely to complete the action by subscribing which makes Click Launch trigger very effective in increasing your opt-in conversion rate.

Bloggers, marketers and even business of various sizes have used this technique for years to encourage visitors to sign up to their courses, email list and product trial. This technique is referred to as content upgrade.

Click below to see Click Launch 2-step opt-in process in action!

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The difference between “click launch” 2-step opt-in process and traditional opt-in form is that you’re the one begging for users for their email addresses in the latter. But in the former, visitors get to sign-up without you having to beg them. And because they decided to opt-in on their own free will, you’ll see much better conversion rates on your opt-in forms.

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