A/B Testing

MailOptin’s easy to use A/B testing tool helps you make data-driven decisions that will increase your marketing campaign conversions and eliminate the guesswork about what’s working.

A/B testing in WordPress with MailOptin

It’s impossible to run an effective marketing campaign without A/B testing (also known as split testing). Marketers, bloggers and small business owners are constantly using trial and error to guess what will be most effective — but they shouldn’t have to.

A/B testing lets you to compare the performance of multiple variations of the same opt-in forms (a.k.a lead capture or email signup form) as well as call-to-actions to help you figure out which one is the most effective before you share it with your larger audience. No more guesswork.

By measuring the impact that the changes have on your metrics, you can ensure that every change produces positive results.

MailOptin’s A/B Testing was built from the ground up to be the best and most conversion-boosting testing tool you will ever use. It allows you to create different variations of an opt-in to test different headlines, content, styles and display triggers.

These different variations will be shown to different visitors. Over time, you can see which one is resulting in the most sign-ups and then given the option to pick the highest performing variation to be your main version.

A/B testing with MailOptin

Combined with our Analytics, you’ll have access to in-depth statistics to identify impressions, conversions, the top post and pages with the best results and their referrals.

Split testing is an amazing feature that can help you greatly improve the effectiveness of your opt-in forms.

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