How to Create Email Autoresponder after Someone Signup to List

Autoresponder configure button

Our opt-in autoresponder automatically send a welcome email to your subscribers immediately after they signup to your list. This can be very handy if your email service provider (ESP) lacks such automation. Even if your ESP has a “automatic email after signup” feature; instead of sending a generic email to all users, you can use MailOptin Autoresponder to send a different email to subscribers base on the optin campaign they signup through.

Below is a customer request to us on how an autoresponder will solve her pain.

Can we send an automatic email with MailChimp based on the particular form submitted, since each optin is a recipe and I’d want to send them the right one and put them in the recipe group of my list. So I can’t really set up an automation based on the list or group because they will be coming in via different recipe blog posts.

To setup an autoresponder, create an optin campaign if you don’t have one already or edit an existing one.

Open the After Conversion panel and click “Configure Autoresponder” button.

Autoresponder configure button

In the resulting modal that is displayed, activate the autoresponder and setup the content of the email. The UI is intuitive and easy to set up.

WordPress autoresponder powered by MailOptin plugin

You can personalize the autoresponder email using the following tags.

{{first_name}} : First name of subscriber.

{{last_name}} : Last name of subscriber.

{{email}} : Email address of subscriber.

{{site_name}} : Site title or name.

Don’t forget to save the changes when you are done. You can click the “Send Test Email” to receive a copy of the email for preview sake.