How to Create WordPress Slide-in Popup / Scroll Triggered Box

Customize slide-in optin campaign in MailOptin

Slide-in, slide box or scroll-triggered box (when used in combination with scroll trigger) are one of the best ways to grab visitor’s full attention and convert them instantly. They can be annoying if they are not well designed.

Follow this guide to learn how to use MailOptin intuitive and easy-to-use form builder to beautiful and conversion-optimized slide-in optin campaigns for your WordPress site.

Before you proceed, ensure you’ve connected your email marketing service provider. You can skip this if you intend to use our MailOptin Leads feature to store your leads.

Go to the Optin Campaigns admin page and click the “Add New” button at the top of the page.

Optin Campaigns menu link

Enter a title for the optin campaign, select SLIDE-IN optin type, click the theme to use and you will be redirected to the form builder.

Create new slide-in optin campaign

Customize the opt-in form to your heart content using our intuitive form builder.

Customize slide-in optin campaign in MailOptin

To actually get the optin to display on your site, navigate to the “Display Rules” panel, go to the “Quick Setup” section, and check “Activate 0ptin”.

If you want the optin to be displayed everywhere (all pages) of your site, also check “Globally load optin” otherwise use the page level targeting to target a specific section of your site to display the optin campaign.



Use the “Display Rules” panel to configure how the popup will appear such as:

  • Page-level targeting allows you to control the pages, posts, categories and custom post types where the optin form will be included or excluded for display.
    Page level targeting options in MailOptin
  • Triggers to cause the optin form to display base on user activities and interactions on your site such as exit intent, scroll trigger, time on site, and number of page views.



Finally, go to the “Integration” panel, select your email service provider and the email list all captured leads/conversions will be saved to. You could decide to use “MailOptin Leads” for the lead storage and be done and over with.

MailOptin email marketing service provider integration in form builder

Easy, isn’t it?