How to Detect AdBlock Users in WordPress and Ask Them to Disable

Activate WordPress adblock detection

Would you like to detect AdBlock users in WordPress and show them targeted messages?

Ad blocking software is a popular way for internet users to block unwanted ads and protect their privacy while browsing the web. However, for website owners and content creators, ad blockers can be frustrating as they can negatively impact revenue streams that rely on advertising.

If you run a WordPress website, you may wonder how to detect ad-block users and find ways to address the issue.

MailOptin AdBlock detection trigger allows you to detect AdBlock users and visitors on your WordPress site so that you can either hide or display an optin campaign to them. MailOptin can detect ad-blocking software such as AdBlock, AdBlock Plus, uBlock, uBlock Origin, and built-in browser ad-blockers.

While Adblock brings a cherished ad-free experience to users by automatically detecting and blocking advertisements, it can hurt bloggers who rely solely on ad revenues. With our AdBlock detection feature, you can appeal to your visitors nicely to whitelist your site.

You’ll be able to follow this guide to learn how to activate WordPress AdBlock detection.

Create a new optin campaign or edit an existing one by clicking the campaign title or the Customize button to open the edit screen. In this example, we’ll be creating a lightbox/popup. It’s worth noting that all optin types (such as the sidebar, before/after post, slide-in, and notification bar) support the AdBlock detection feature.

Open Display Rules >> Visitors Using the Adblock panel, activate the rule and select whether to show to visitors with Adblock enabled or disabled.

Activate WordPress adblock detection

If you are curious about how we achieve the above, we used the “Bannino lightbox theme” and uploaded this image. And finally, enable the call to action button.

Tip: by default, if your users close the campaign, they won’t see it again for a while, depending on your cookie duration settings. Suppose you want to keep showing the popup to users until they disable Adblock or whitelist your WordPress site. In that case, you will have to set Cookie Duration in the Configuration panel to “0” (zero) with CTA “Action After Button Click” settings set to “Close optin and reload the page.”

Adblock cookie rule

Remember that you can combine AdBlock detection with multiple of our other display rules available such as time on site, exit intent, page views, etc.

In conclusion, detecting AdBlock users in WordPress can be helpful for website owners who rely on advertising revenue to sustain their online presence.

MailOptin offers a great AdBlock detection feature without requiring extra effort. All you do is select a template, customize it to your heart’s content and configure where to display the AdBlock popup.

It is important to remember that AdBlock detection should be used responsibly and ethically and that website owners should respect their visitors’ privacy and choice. However, by using AdBlock detection transparently and respectfully, website owners can gain valuable insights into their audience and make informed decisions about their advertising strategy.