How to Target New or Returning Visitors to Your WordPress Sites

New vs Returning visitors segmentation

MailOptin New vs. Returning Visitors Targeting let’s you create targeted optin campaigns and message shown to visitors who are either new and visiting your website for the first time or are returning and have been to your website before. Follow this guide to learn how to use this feature.

Create a new optin campaign or edit an existing one by clicking the campaign title or the Customize button to open the edit screen. In this example, we’ll be creating a lightbox / popup.

It’s worth noting that all optin types (such as sidebar, before/after post, slide-in, notification bar) support the New & Returning visitors targeting feature.

MailOptin opt-in campaign listing

Open Display Rules >> New vs Returning Visitors panel, activate the rule and select whether to show to new or returning visitors.

New vs Returning visitors segmentation

Pretty easy, huh?

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