How To Show Opt-in Forms To Specific WordPress User Roles

MailOptin allows you to target Opt-in forms to logged in users with specific user roles.

For example, you can display opt-in forms to customers and add them to a specific list. Later, you can upsell them and turn them into returning customers.

This article walks you through the processes of showing your opt-in forms to users with certain user roles.

First, create an opt-in form.

Next, navigate to the opt-in campaign customizer.

Open the “User Targeting” panel found in the “Display Rules” section.


Select “Show to specific user roles” in the select dropdown found in this panel.

Select the user roles who should see the opt-in.

Click on the save changes button to activate this display rule.

Your opt-in campaign will only be visible to the users with the roles that you specified.

Next, learn how to restrict the opt-in campaigns to logged in and logged out users.