How To Create A Scroll Box Optin Form In WordPress

Scroll triggered opt-in form (also known as scroll box) are lead capture or email sign-up forms that are shown after visitors have scrolled down to a specific depth of your website content.

Scroll boxes are really awesome, especially when trying to balance user experience and maximize result.

The point is this; you want your opt-in form to be displayed only after your visitor has read a certain depth of your content. With MailOptin Scroll Trigger, you can get this to work effortlessly. All you need to do is set the percentage scroll depth.

Scroll triggered optin form

In this guide, we will walk you through the simple steps to create a scroll-box optin form in WordPress.

For a live Demo, click here.

Without further ado, let us get started with the simple steps:

Creating A Scroll Triggered Optin Form In WordPress

The first step is to install and activate MailOptin plugin in your site.

Create a campaign: It is important to note that this kind of opt-in form paired with scroll triggered display rule works best with Slide-ins, but it will also do great when combined with pop-ups and notification bar opt-in types in MailOptin.

After creating your campaign, click the “Optin Campaigns” tab to show you a list of all your campaigns.

Click the campaign title or the “Customize” button to open the edit page.

scroll triggered optin form


Click “Display Rules” > “After Scrolling Down X Percent” to access the scroll trigger options.

Using the horizontal control, you can set the scroll percentage before your optin form is triggered to your users.Scroll trigger optin form

Save changes and it’s done.

This is how you create and activate a scroll triggered opt-in form in WordPress. You obviously don’t need any special coding knowledge; the options are super easy to get started immediately.

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