6 Best Anti-Adblock WordPress Plugins to Evaluate

Are you searching for the best Anti-Adblock WordPress plugin?

With the rising usage of ad blockers, website owners face challenges in maintaining their revenue streams reliant on ads.

An Adblock, or ad blocker, is a software tool to prevent advertisements from displaying on your WordPress websites. While ad blockers benefit users by enhancing browsing experiences and reducing distractions, they also present challenges for website owners.

Examples of adblockers include AdBlock, AdBlock Plus, uBlock, uBlock Origin, and many others built into browsers.

The widespread adoption of ad blockers has resulted in a decline in ad impressions and revenue for many websites, necessitating the development of innovative strategies and technologies to combat ad blocking and preserve advertising revenue streams.

In this article, we’ll explore six of the best anti-adblock WordPress plugins worth testing. Each plugin offers unique features and functionalities to meet the diverse needs of website owners.

Whether you’re looking for subtle ways to educate visitors about the importance of advertising revenue or prefer more robust measures to restrict access to content for ad-blocking users, there’s a plugin on this list to suit your requirements.

Join us as we explore anti-adblock plugins for WordPress and empower you to reclaim control over your website’s revenue stream.

MailOptin Anti-Adblock Plugin

AdBlock detection for WordPress sites

MailOptin is a WordPress plugin for lead generation and combating ad blockers. With MailOptin, you can create email opt-in forms, including popup forms, scroll-triggered boxes, notification bars, and other lead-capturing features, which can grow your email list and increase website conversions.

MailOptin includes an innovative AdBlock detection feature that identifies users using adblocking software on your WordPress website and lets you deliver a message imploring them to disable the ad-blocker software they are using.

It can identify visitors to your WordPress site using popular ad-blocking browser extensions like AdBlock, AdBlock Plus, uBlock, uBlock Origin, and others.

Some of the other features of MailOptin include the following;

Customizable Content Display: With MailOptin, you can create alternative content to display specifically to visitors with adblockers enabled. This content can encourage them to whitelist your site or turn off their ad blocker, helping you maintain your revenue streams from advertisements.

Enhanced Lead Generation: Unlike many other lead generation plugins or software, MailOptin’s ability to detect ad blockers allows for targeted messaging to users who may be blocking traditional lead generation forms or pop-ups.

Proven Ad Detection Technology: MailOptin’s ad detection capabilities are reliable and proven, ensuring accurate identification of visitors using ad blockers.

Comprehensive Compatibility: MailOptin is designed to work well with WordPress websites, ensuring compatibility with various themes, plugins, and configurations commonly used in the WordPress ecosystem.

User-Friendly Interface: This plugin has a user-friendly interface that makes it simple for all WordPress users, regardless of skill level, to set up and configure ad blocker detection and alternative content display without requiring a lot of technical know-how.

Check out this step-by-step guide on detecting AdBlock users in WordPress using MailOptin.

Ad Unblocker

AdUnblocker Anti-Adblock WordPress Plugin

AdUnblocker is an advanced anti-Adblock WordPress plugin designed to assist publishers in overcoming ad-blocking tools such as Adblock, AdBlock Plus, AdGuard, uBlock Origin, and Anti-Adblock Killer. Whether you manage a personal blog or a magazine website, AdUnblocker empowers you to maximize your ad revenue.

Key Features:

  • Customize your adblock notice text.
  • Modify the adblock notice title.
  • Implement a sticky notice that remains on-screen until the user whitelists your website.
  • Activate ‘Strict mode’ to conceal your entire website until whitelisted.
  • Choice of three different display layouts for your message
  • Control over how many seconds to wait before showing the message
  • User-friendly admin panel for an easy and fast setup
  • Developed with WordPress best practices in mind
  • Insert images and shortcodes if you need to
  • Compatible with SSL and all popular caching plugins
  • Fast, non-blocking script loading

The free version of the plugin provides a standard message, while the Pro (paid) version offers full customization capabilities.

The Pro version also grants additional customization options, including color and title selection.

This plugin is engineered with various mechanisms to prevent adblockers from blocking it. These include random class, file, variable naming, and independence from libraries, including jQuery.

Eazy Ad Unblocker

Eazy Ad Unblocker is a powerful anti-adblocker solution for WordPress designed to detect adblockers while offering extensive customization options effectively.

It works on Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Google Chrome, and Opera browsers. If users have their adblocker on while surfing the web in these browsers, they will be prompted to switch their adblocker off or whitelist the site they are currently viewing via a modal popup.

Notably, the plugin features an opacity control, allowing you to adjust the visibility of the background behind the popup.

Default Setting:

Full Opacity:

Other features of Eazy Ad Unblocker include:

  • Disabling popup dismissal without adblocker deactivation.
  • Restricting access to page source and web developer tools.
  • Customizable popup title, text, and opacity.
  • Support for media embedding, including images, videos, and audio.
  • Responsive popup design adaptable to various screen sizes.
  • Versatile popup-style themes for customization.
  • Randomized CSS classes and ID attributes for enhanced defense against ad blockers.
  • Seamless data deletion upon plugin removal.
  • Compatibility tested with PHP 8.1 and WordPress 6.3.2.

AdsMatcher Anti Adblock

AdsMatcher is an intelligent WordPress Anti Adblock plugin designed to help content publishers recover lost revenue caused by ad blockers.

The plugin automatically identifies if your site visitors use ad blockers and displays a message accordingly. This message prompts them to disable their ad blocker to access your content.

Below is a snapshot of what it looks like in the WordPress admin area:

The AdsMatcher plugin does more than stop ad blockers; it also helps you earn more money. It reduces the effect of ad blockers on your website and increases your earnings by putting ads in the best spots. That’s why it’s one of the best anti-adblock WordPress plugins available today.

CHP Ads Block Detector

CHP Ads Block Detector plugin offers familiar detection and popup message features like others, but it boasts a unique distinction:

It’s been tested and validated to combat 19 different adblockers, including popular ones like Adblock Plus, uBlock Origin, and Brave.

Available in both free and paid versions, here’s what each offers:

Free Version Features:

  • Independent of any libraries, ensuring lightweight performance without slowing down your WordPress site.
  • Customizable popup message title and text, along with styling options for buttons.
  • Generates random classes to evade ad blockers effectively.
  • While some other anti-adblock WordPress plugins allow popup customization, CHP Ads Block Detector arguably offers the most aesthetic options.

Pro Version Features:

  • Customizable button text and overlay effects.
  • Dark and light theme options.
  • Control over body scroll and plugin deactivation for specific pages.
  • Additional features include custom modal creation, advanced class generator control, content wrapper adjustments, modal animations, and more.

With its extensive compatibility and feature-rich pro version, CHP Ads Block Detector stands out as an excellent and powerful solution for combating ad blockers.

Simple Adblock Notice

Simple Adblock Notice is a good anti-adblock WordPress Plugin designed to combat ad blocking by displaying a popup prompting visitors to whitelist your website if their Adblock Plus browser extension blocks your advertisements.

The plugin offers a basic free version, allowing you to adjust the frequency of the notification’s appearance. However, to access additional features, such as customizing the text and title of the adblock notice, selectively disabling the notice for specific pages without ads, displaying a persistent notice to encourage whitelisting, or implementing ‘Strict mode’ to hide your entire website until whitelisted, you’ll need to upgrade to the premium version, available for just $5.

With the premium option, you gain complete control over the notification’s content, title, and placement, ensuring it aligns with your website’s design and messaging. So that you know, this plugin is compatible only with Google AdSense.

This is what the popup looks like by default in the free version:

Would you like to try an anti-adblock WordPress plugin?

Ad blockers pose a significant challenge for website owners relying on advertisements for revenue. However, with the help of anti-adblock WordPress plugins, it’s possible to address this issue effectively.

By integrating these anti-adblock WordPress plugins, you’re taking a proactive stance against ad blocking and ensuring the sustainability of your website’s revenue model. Whether through persuasive messages, alternative content, or access restrictions, these plugins offer various strategies to encourage visitors to support websites by whitelisting them or disabling their ad blockers.

If you’d like a recommendation, please consider MailOptin for its robust feature set and effectiveness.

Take action today and set up an Anti-Adblock WordPress Plugin to fortify your website against ad blocking!

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