How to Add Text Link That Closes WordPress Popups When Clicked

Note settings available in form builder

Chances are you’ve come across opt-in forms or email sign-up forms that contains a text link which, when clicked, closes the opt-in form. An example is the opt-in form screenshot below where clicking the I'll Pass, Thank you link closes the form

Optin form with text link to close the optin form

It is often used in place of the close button (typically located at the top right or left corner of the form). To add such a text link that will close your opt-in form when clicked in MailOptin, follow the guide below.

Create a new opt-in campaign or click on the title or customize button of an existing campaign to open the form builder.

MailOptin WordPress Optin form builder

Open the “Note” panel and activate “Close Optin on Click“.

Note settings available in form builder

Save the changes and you are done.

Note: Beside popups, this feature works also for slide-ins and notification bars.

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