How to Segment Your Email List with Tags for More Opens, Click-Throughs & Conversions

Email list segmentation is a unique and extremely powerful way of dividing your email list into groups, so as to reach a targeted audience and deliver more value.

Normally, you will have different kind of people in your email list; these people were probably collected in a general pool. They have different interests and profiles which will make them literally lose their mind when you start pushing unrelated things to their inbox.

What is the solution? Email segmentation is the answer; it is an internet marketing strategy that can solve the problem. All you need to do is split your email list into groups, then move users with related interest into a specific group.

Let us imagine you have an online store with different kinds of products. In the health and fitness category, for example, you could have some set of people interested in weight loss and others primarily interested in beefing up their chest. It would be a waste of time pushing weight loss offers to everyone. What you need to do is have a proper understanding of what your visitors want. In other to achieve this result, you will need to segment your email list with tags.

Email Segmentation with Tags

The best way to effectively segment your email list is through the use of tags. Tags are very handy; they make it extremely easy to mark people with a particular interest without creating a new email list.

The beauty in segmenting your email list with tags is that you can push emails to people with one or more tags associated to them. Therefore, if a person’s interests based on his tags are weight loss and Yoga, you can automate emails to them with offers relating to his tags, and this can quickly generate a lead.

So if you have a special offer for Yoga kits that just came to the market, you can push the offer to their inbox based on their tags or interests. Obviously, it will be of no use sending Yoga offers to someone whose primary tag is PlayStation.

Do you see how powerful email list segmentation with tags can be?

Now, let us see how you can segment your audience on WordPress using MailOptin. This is a crazy built-in feature of the plugin that will give you complete mastery over your email list building journey.

How to Segment Your Email List

Before segmentation can happen, you will need an email provider that has support for segmenting such as ActiveCampaign, Drip, AWeber and ConvertKit. It is important to note that depending on your email provider, it could be called groups, interests or tags in the dashboard of your email provider.

When you have made a decision regarding the email provider to use, MailOptin will compliment your choice by providing easy integration, to ensure emails can be easily segmented.

For the purpose of this tutorial, we are going to use Active Campaign to segment your email list

Email Segmentation Using ActiveCampaign

Open MailOptin dashboard > “Connection” > Connect ActiveCampaign.

Create a Lightbox campaign on the “Optin Campaign” tab and save.

Return to the “Optin Campaign” tab and click “Customize”.

Click Integration and Select ActiveCampaign from the Email Provider dropdown.

Select your Email list, and then include your tags.

In this case, we used Yoga Equipments and Yoga Classes as our tags so our URL must be something related to Yoga. For example; and everyone who interacts with this page/URL and subscribes through the optin-in form will automatically be in a new segment or group, by virtue of tags.

Therefore, emails sent to this group over time will all have interest in Yoga and you can send Yoga related emails to them. Obviously, with this in place, you will have more targeted communication with each segment of your audience.

So we can assume that people who opt-in through the Yoga page will be less interested in PlayStation latest game. With the tagging feature, you will have the right Yoga people in their right Yoga segment.

From your email service provider dashboard, you can send emails to a target audience. This will greatly increase conversions and make your work a lot easier. There is so much you can do with email segmentation; it will make you have a healthy relationship with your customers or readers.


Email segmentation solves an assumption problem when dealing with your list. With it, you will have enough data to send relevant information to a target audience within your list. Ultimately, this will greatly decrease the percentage of people who unsubscribe to your list and increase conversions.

The point is to gain mastery of your list as internet marketer, you will be able to understand the interests of your subscribers which will make you avoid annoying anyone with irreverent content which they can regard as spam over a period of time.

What makes this even better is that with MailOptin, you don’t need to stress yourself in grouping your email list and it has integration with the leading email service providers that offer this email tagging feature. All you need to do is jump into it and ride along. The journey is surely going to be a smooth one.

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