How to Fix Invalid Phone Number Error on Brevo/SendinBlue Integration

One of the troubleshooting steps, when you are having difficulty submitting a form after setting up integration, is to check your error logs to see what could be wrong (see how-to).

On the integration log when you see ‘invalid_parameter: Invalid phone number’ after setting up integration with Brevo/SendinBlue either using the Optin forms, Elementor forms, or any other external forms we support as shown below:

According to Brevo/SendinBlue Integration (, when you are mapping to the SMS field, the Mobile Number should be passed with the proper country code. For example, it can only accept the value to be either +91xxxxxxxxxx or 0091xxxxxxxxxx form. Any other value entered would result in an error, hence the form submission will not be successful.

This means that the field type has to be a TEXT type if you want it to accept both formats (i.e +91xxxxxxxxxx or 0091xxxxxxxxxx). E.g 0061467029760 or +61467029760

Source: Brevo/SendinBlue