How to Optimize Your Website That Can Double Your Leads

Generating leads is an important aspect of marketing that must be frequently updated and optimized for the best results.

A lead is someone who has shown interest in your product or service either through visiting your website, asking questions about your product, testing your demo or viewing your pages. That person has the potential of purchasing your product in the long run.

You have probably spent your hard earned dollar, building, advertising and optimizing your website to attract visitors.

How can you make sure that these visitors don’t filter through the cracks?

Before you set out to optimize your website, you must identify your strengths and weaknesses. you will be surprised where you would find your biggest assets and loopholes.

Identify key performing pages: Go to your website analytic report and see which pages on your website give you the most traffic, engagement and count for longer stay- time on the site. These pages are your asset. You can use them to nurture leads and also position them to capture more leads.

Identify traffic sources: You traffic sources would mostly include your social media pages, Google search or your knowledge base. You would have to optimize pages that attract more inbound links differently than what you would for pages that attract more outbound links.

Let’s Dive into, The How.

Adding Optin Forms and Call-To-Actions

You should be able to capture leads everywhere visitors might be on your website by adding your call-to-actions and forms to:

Your best performing pages: Identify the pages where you have the most visitors or you have the most engagement and add related optin forms with a valuable content on the page. You pages should have at least two types of call to action on it. One that meets the needs of a potential customer who doesn’t know if they need your product yet and onen that answer the questions of an already potential buyer.

Your best performing articles: Some articles are bound to do better than other articles, ensure that you have a relevant call-to-action in-between a performing article, especially where you might have a related sub-heading to maximize your chances of capturing leads.

Your home page: The home page cannot be ignored. While we mostly want it to be as clean and minimalistic as possible, a good amount of people come to your homepage first. You can add a pop-up at first entrance or use the exit- intent feature in mailoptin to offer the lead a valuable offer, they would find too good to ignore. A great call to action to also keep on your home page is a free trial or demo of your product.

HubSpot conducted a survey that showed that companies who had 30+ landing pages on their website generated 7 times more leads that those who had about 5.

Personalized Your Optin Forms to Capture More Leads

Using a lead generation tool gives you access to features that makes lead capturing easy, strategic and tailored to your potential customers need. Let’s face it, nobody likes being bothered with things they are not interested in.

Below are some of the ways you can personalize your optin campaigns.

Exit Intent: Easily capture customers that are about to leave your website by offering them a valuable resource like a free e-book or updates on current trends through your newsletter.

Scroll Trigger: Understanding how long a visitor has spent on your website can help you know if the visitor find your website or blog interesting. You would also be able to know, when working with tools like hotjar, which area of the content they were particularly interested in. This can help you; design a product especially for that kind of visitor. This could be in the form of a reward, like a much valuable content or a free trial, which inadvertently leads them to eventually buy.

Thank You Pages: After users subscribe to your email list, the thank-you page they are redirected to is also an opportunity to show them related offers.

Bonus: MailOptin’s new and returning visitor targeting can come in handy if you want to target either new visitors or those that have previously visited your site.

Measure Your Lead Generation Strategy

A/B testing in WordPress with MailOptin

Carrying out relevant split test can help have repeatedly increased productivity for businesses.  Friendbuy saw a 211% increase in lead generation after carrying out a A/B split test on their CTA’s.

You can create two pages with similar content but with different call-to actions. Then test which page will do better. If one of the pages does significantly better than the other, you can easily know what to improve.

Use Kick Back Emails

According to hubspot using kickback emails can give you up to a 100% increase in sales. Setting up an automated process that sends an acknowledgement email immediately someone signs up to your newsletter is called a kickback email.

This can also be used to talk about other offers related to the product that they had recently showed interest in.

Wrapping Up

Gathering leads is a continuous process for every business. It is important that you constantly improve your lead generators to give your visitors and potential customers the best offers and ultimately grow revenue. These steps doesn’t just give you insight on how to generate leads, They also help you in segmentation by offering them products they really need and also going further to follow up and even offer follow-up offers, freebies that could lead to sales.

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