7+ Ridiculously Simple Ways to Get More Email Subscribers

Over 2.5 billion people or about 34 percent of the world’s population use email as an active form of communication and that number is only expected to increase as we enter a phase of global digitization.

About 125 billion emails are sent every day and over 100 billion of these are marketing emails.

Email marketing is one of the best ways for businesses and bloggers to reach out to customers because it’s cheap, direct, and be personalized for better engagement.

The number of subscribers is a very important factor when it comes to a successful email campaign. Well, even though there are literally thousands of articles online providing detailed guides on how to gain more subscribers, implementing them requires a lot of time and resources.

If you are short on time and want some quick sure-shot ways to gain more email subscribers, then today we are here with some super-easy ways you can follow to get more subscribers using MailOptin.

1. Create an Eye-Catchy Optin Form

Having a catchy optin form is the prime requirement to get more email subscribers.

Well, you don’t have to be a professional designer or coder to create an attractive subscription form.

All you have to do is to make use of the powerful Form Builder tool built into MailOptin.

MailOptin lets you build forms via WordPress customizer.

So, it’s an advantage that you don’t have to learn another tool to build your forms as you are already familiar with WordPress customizer.

2. Use the Lightbox Popup

Introducing pop-ups within your website is a very effective way to gain more subscribers.

MailOptin’s Lightbox Popups is a popup opt-in form that appears over the webpage that the visitor is currently on, thus persuading them to become a member of your email newsletter.

Popup form

Well, even though the popup box will cover the entire webpage and prevent visitors from navigating, they are given with an easy button to close it and continue with their browsing.

3. Attach a Floating Notification Bar

If you do not prefer having a popup opt-in form, then the next best way to motivate website visitors to join your email newsletter is by attaching a notification bar within the pages of your website.

Top/bottom bar aka floating bar or notification bar

You can make use of floating notification bars provided by MailOptin which automatically adjusts its position whenever the visitors scroll through web pages on your site.

So, the bar remains visible at all times without obstructing the user experience.

4. Add Slide-In Boxes

Slide-In subscription boxes help in gaining the attention of site visitors without being obstructing the browsing experience.

The slide-in boxes will remain hidden at first to your website visitors.

Slide-in optin forms

However, based on certain preset triggers such as page scrolling, the subscription box will automatically transition into the webpage.

5. Include a Form Before or After Post Body

Most website visitors are always in a hurry to find what they came for and tend to ignore anything that’s uninteresting on the web page until they are done.

Visitors who are satisfied with the content on your website will definitely want to refer your website in the future and subscribing to your email newsletter is one best way to stay in touch with the latest content on your site.

Therefore, placing an email opt-in form before or after the post body of your website will definitely get your more subscribers.

After post subscription box


6. Embed Opt-in Form Within Website Content

Similar to including an opt-in form before or after the post body, you can also try embedding subscription forms inline within the content of your website.

Embedded/Inline opt-in forms will organically gain visitor attraction as they navigate through your website content which improves the chances of turning them into subscribers of your email newsletter.

7. Implement Optin Forms as Widgets

The traditional approach of establishing an email opt-in form as a widget in the sidebars can be effective in some cases rather than the other approaches.

Moreover, adding subscription forms as sidebar widgets are super-easy and in no way will obstruct the user experience of your website.

Only one thing to keep in mind here is – the form should be highly targeted to one point and all other distractions should be avoided.

WordPress appearance/customizer widget panel

8. Utilize Exit Intent Technology

Studies show that more than 70 percent of visitors do not return to the same website again.

The Exit Intent Technology is capable of detecting the exact moment when a visitor is about to go away from your website!

Thus MailOptin auto-displays a targeted subscription form or an offer message to get them to subscribe to your email newsletter.

MailOptin Exit Intent Technology

You can share your popular blog post to download in return or share an excitement offer that is live on your website.

Final Verdict – Choose Wisely and Proceed!

By now you know that, all the steps mentioned above are extremely easy to implement if you want to gain more subscribers.

However, do not try and establish all the ways above on your website as it will only make your website look like a trap to get more subscribers.

Remember, the motive of all the ways mentioned above is to attract visitors on your website and provide them an easy option to subscribe to your email newsletter.

If confused on which of the above ways to implement on your website, conducting A/B testing and collecting visitor feedback can really help you out.

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