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Connect GiveWP to EmailOctopus

MailOptin allows you to connect GiveWP to EmailOctopus in a matter of minutes and without a single line of code.

GiveWP + EmailOctopus Integration

GiveWP is a popular WordPress donation plugin, perfect for online fundraising platform to increase their online donations, manage donors, and gain insight on their effort

MailOptin automatically syncs donor and users to your EmailOctopus email list or gives them the option to subscribe during donation via GiveWP.

You can also add donors to a specific EmailOctopus contact list based on the donation form they donated through, assign tags, and map user data to custom fields.

Finally, you can automatically send out a newsletter to donors and EmailOctopus email subscribers whenever you publish a new post.

Many Other Integrations

MailOptin also integrates with many popular email marketing software, CRMs, analytics, social networks & WordPress solutions

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