The Best Email Opt-In Strategies for eCommerce Bussinesses

If you are in the ecommerce industry, you have the opportunity to take advantage of email marketing opt-in strategies to increase sales for your business. There are so many avenues which you can explore and leverage for marketing. With over 72% of americans still using emails for communication, it remains a strong channel for communicating with customers and driving sales.

Whether you are in fashion, cosmetics, jewelry, books, furniture, electronics or all of the aforementioned. These strategies below would help you ensure that over 70% of your website traffic become paying customers. You can use this guide to understand how to strategically use your opt-in forms to produce maximum results for your business.

Place Your Opt-in Forms in Strategic Areas

There are so many ways to use your opt-in forms in your ecommerce website. Listed below are some areas you can place your forms.

Homepage Pop-up

When a user visits your website; while it is great to have your offer already on your home page, having a pop up further emphasises your offer and grabs the user’s attention. This can be an offer for a first time purchase or a coupon that a visitor can get once they sign up on your platform. This offer doesn’t have to be magnanimous, it just has to give reasonable value.

Footer Opt-in

The footer opt-in has been around for a while, while it is an ineffective way for collection of emails, it is a good back up to your pop-up form. You can ask visitors to join your newsletters with offers or updates on daily and weekly deals. Your footer opt-in is also a permanent reminder of the best updates you have to offer them.

Checkout Page Opt-in

Placing opt-ins after a purchase is a great way to thank customers and capture those that might have ignored other opt-in requests. This popup thank and ask the customer to sign up to receive a coupon code in their email for future purchase. You can also play on your customer’s sense of entitlement, if you tell them that you have a gift card for them, because they purchased your product.

Contact and Help Pages

While your website visitors and customers visit your help pages, you can offer them something that will catch their attention. A help page can have related products or first timers offer on it. Below is an example of a pop-up displayed on a help page.

Use Behavioural and Traffic-specific Rules

Behavioral rules are a great way to offer special offers to customers who have shown certain behaviors on your website such as time spent or number of pages visited.

When a user goes through the last page of a fashion page, you could place a pop up telling them to receive updates on juicy deals below a certain price. You can also assign traffic specific rules, if you want to target specific people coming from a traffic sources with special discounts or offers.

Personalize Pop-Up Messages

People easily relate with personalised messages. This can be seen when your offer is for specific countries or for a specific product interest. People are impressed when you understand what they want.

Exit Intent

Using the Exit-intent on the pop-up form can also help capture customers that are about to leave, with a deal. This can also be used together with the abandoned cart technology. You can automate your pop-form to come up when they are about to abandon the cart and offer them a related product with free shipping. Giving Customers clear indication that you understand that they are leaving and would love to offer them something before they go, is a great way to grab their attention.

Offer Time Based Promotions and Discounts 

You can design email opt-in for your customers, that are juicy and time bound. This can give you the opportunity to upscale sale in a short time. For instance, free shipping offer that last for 24 hours or a discount on most items for just 12 hours. There can also be a countdown timer attached to it.

Don’t Overwhelm Customers with Discounts

Everyone likes coupons but you have to keep them special or else, your customers would get used to them. You have to let it mean something. At such keep your coupons as minimal as possible. Some experts suggest at most, once a month.

You can also offer resources with value, like Xeroshoes who offered their customers a report on: Benefits of running barefoot. They saw a 2.5% opt-in rate and 28.4% conversion rate from people that opted in.

Wrapping Up

Ecommerce transactions take place every minute with no face to face contact with customers. Email marketing remains one way to show them that you have a system that is tailored to reward and appreciate their loyalty. Ecommerce stores that leverage on opt-in forms to optimize their marketing, see huge difference in engagement and sales. When your email opt-in forms are designed to fit your customer’s needs, they would feel valued and not only buy more products but get other people to buy from you.

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