weForms Review: Simple & Intuitive WordPress Form Plugin

WordPress’s greatest strength lies in it’s vast array of plugins. Plugins that offer new ways you can use WordPress to interact with your users. Form builders are one such.

It helps WordPress to becomes a two way communication platform among the author and it’s users. And one that’s extremely effective too. It is easy to use, implement and gather useful information with.

But the truth is not all form builders perform the same.

Today we got a WordPress plugin that we think will bring lots of powerful features to your form building game.

Introducing weForms!

weForms is a fast and intuitive form builder plugin in the WordPress store (Thanks to one page App using Vue.js).

In it short amount of existence it has garnered some impressive numbers in terms of usage.

We believe people are definitely seeing value in using it as it has been featured in popular blogs  like Woorkup, Kinsta, cloudways, WPArena and many other.

The folks behind this awesome plugin are weDevs. They have been in WordPress industry for a long time and are behind some of the most successful plugins out there.

The best part about weForms is that the development team updates the plugin regularly.

Awesome Features That You Get With the Free Version

You get most of the features that you need in the free version. weForms comes with features that are rarely available in the WordPress form builder plugins. That too without spending a dime.

Easy Learning Curve and Drag & Drop Capability

You will feel right at home once you install it on your WordPress site. It is really easy to learn . The simple menu options offer intuitive operations.

You don’t have to follow any complicated process to start creating form for site. Simply create the form with the builder using the drag & drop builder and paste the shortcode to your page.

Support For Unlimited Forms

We are not gonna lie. This is one of our most favourite features. Even with the free version you get the capability to create an unlimited number of forms.

So you don’t have to count each time you create one, which is really frustrating.

Mobile Responsive Forms

We are happy to say that the forms you create using weForms are responsive and can be viewed properly from any devices that your users might use.

Comes With Pre Built Templates

When you are creating your first form you will be greeted with a handful of pre built templates that you can use to create detailed forms instantly. Such as: Registration templates, feedback templates, Event templates, Payment Templates and so on.

Saving up a lot of time in the process!

View, Manage and Organize All Your Entries

This one, we were really thankful for seeing in the free version. There is a separate entries menu that lets you manage all your form submissions from a single page.

Very few form builders provide this feature in the free version, letting only the pro users take advantage of it.

Advanced Custom Fields With Advanced Options

When creating a form you will be greeted with some very useful custom fields. They are completely customizable, with options to set placeholder text, enable dynamic value, option to enable unique values only and more.

Completely Customizable Fields

You can change the look and feel of your form fields with your own CSS just by setting it up from advanced tab.

Redirection After Form Submission

In the settings tab, there is even an option to redirect you users to any page you choose after successful form submission. Which is always good to see in a free form builder.

Free reCaptcha Capability

reCaptcha is a Google service that stop spammers from hitting your site. We are glad to see that weForms comes with completely free support for Google reCaptcha settings.

It is quite easy to set up too. Just insert the Site key and Secret key and you are set to fight spammers.

Free Integrations Make Things Even Better

weForms itself is free. But we weren’t expecting free integrations with popular platforms out there. There are three main platforms that we saw integrations with.

The messaging platform Slack, WordPress Email Marketing plugin MailPoet, and the ERP plugin from the developers of WP ERP(Link).

Export, Import, Keep A Log!

There is even a menu named tools. Upon clicking on it we find out there are three tabs to choose from. Export tab allows you to export forms and their entries.

The import tab helps you to import data from a JSON type file. It even can import data from other popular form builders.

And lastly the log tab helps you keep tab on every activity happening in your weForms.

Schedule Your Forms, Set Requirements, Limit Entries

If you want to schedule weForms has you covered too. You can schedule your forms to be active for a certain period, set requirements for logged in form submission, limit entries for that form.

All these features can be found in the Submission restriction of a form which are really easy to find.

Instant Notification For Your Form Submissions Via Email

Just like you, we have our hands full things with very limited time. So keeping track of our form submissions was really hard to do. We were impressed to see that weForms free has built in email notification feature.

That too with complete customization options.

Overall Performance

We were a little concerned at first. How would the performance be if they crammed so much features in form builder.

Long story short we were not disappointed at all. It is one of the smoothest form builder plugins that we have used recently.

Hopefully they can continue on this trend and improve even more.

Pro Version with More Features

Honestly their free version will be enough for the most people out there. But if you are curious to experiment with more features, they also provide a paid version.

The paid version get access to their premium form building features like setting up conditional logic, ability to create multi step forms, high-quality integrations, and much more.


Well we tested weForms thoroughly, and can confirm that it is a form builder plugin that it is worth it’s time. With it’s super fast user interface and vast list of features(even those that come with the FREE version) will bring lots of value to you.

If you are looking for a FREE form builder plugin then we highly recommend weForms. As in our recent WordPress plugin venture we found very few with these much features in the free version.

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