The 8 Best Mailchimp Alternatives in 2024

MailChimp is one of the most popular email marketing services on the market. It offers a wide range of features and integrations, which make it an ideal solution for small businesses. However, MailChimp may not meet your needs if you are looking to send out emails to more than 2,000 people at a time or need advanced reporting features like list segmentation. 

Thankfully, there are plenty of alternatives out there. If you are thinking of switching from MailChimp due to any reason, there are several options to choose from.

Why Switch from MailChimp?

For a long time, MailChimp was the industry leader in a heavily saturated market. The company managed to maintain its position by constantly innovating and introducing new features.

What started as a simple email marketing service eventually grew into a comprehensive automation platform, offering solutions for audience management, marketing automation, insights, and analytical data, and even a website builder. 

It gained popularity for being one of the most successful startups that was fully bootstrapped, with no outside funding or plans for an IPO. It even managed to stave off interest from several big tech companies. Their “free forever” plan was incredibly popular amongst startups and small businesses. 

So, what changed? Well, for starters, other companies caught up. There are certain limitations that MailChimp imposes, which you can circumvent by opting for another alternative. For instance, you can’t delete more than a hundred contacts at a time. For those who have larger email lists, this is a serious issue.

And then, there were the pricing changes. The company now charges its patrons for unsubscribed users as well. There are some viable alternatives for people who want to move away from MailChimp.

The Top 8 MailChimp Alternatives

Now, here are the 8 best MailChimp alternatives that you can choose for your growing email lists.

1. Constant Contact – A No-Frills Email Marketing Service 

Constant Contact - MailChimp Alternative

Constant Contact is arguably the best direct MailChimp alternative that you can choose. It offers a wide array of email templates (even for its base packages), and it’s incredibly easy to use. The team is constantly updating its knowledge base and constantly releasing new guides and webinars to facilitate old and new users.

The platform also gives you a range of tools for sharing your content on multiple other platforms, and the excellent reporting feature allows you to track your CTR and open rates. You can also A/B test subject lines and content.

This is important because it will make it easy for you to understand the copy that delivers the best results. A/B testing makes it easy for you to get feedback on emails that generate better responses.

There’s also a 60-day free trial, and you get extensive support via email, phone, or through the ticketing system. The main reason why Constant Contact is such a viable alternative to MailChimp is because of its support offerings. If you use MailChimp for free, you are only restricted to guides and tutorials. 

The more expensive ones include email and phone support, which Constant Contact offers with every package. 

Constant Contact Pricing – Is It Cheaper than MailChimp?

Constant Contact comes with two pricing options, starting at $20 per month for the basic Email package. That’s the same for the starting package that MailChimp offers, making it highly competitive.

Key Features 

  • Fantastic A/B testing 
  • Drag and drop email builder to design your email in seconds
  • Granular analytical data to help you understand campaign performance
  • Integration for e-commerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce
  • Product recommendations and behavioral targeting to segment your audience better
  • Unparalleled support options
  MailChimp Constant Contact
Prime Feature  Unlimited image hosting Excellent A/B testing
Ideal For  Ecommerce businesses, digital agencies Small businesses, non-profit organizations
Price Starting From  Free (2,000 subscribers) $20 per month
Customer Service The free plan has no direct support. Phone, ticket, and email support are available. 

2. AWeber – Super-basic Alternative to MailChimp

Aweber- MailChimp Alternatives

One of the oldest players in the game, AWeber has managed to remain relevant because of the team’s constant dedication to continually innovate. If you have a WordPress website, you can simply download the plugin from the WordPress store and integrate it into your site.

AWeber integrates very well with different CMS platforms and allows you to personalize your emails as much as you want. It’s an ideal choice for e-commerce platforms because of the many integrations that it offers for platforms like Shopify and Magento.

If you want to build your email list with WordPress, AWeber is a fantastic choice. The company also offers a range of pricing plans to appeal to wider audiences. There’s also a mobile app, a comprehensive template library, and a well-designed dashboard through which you can track analytical data associated with your email campaigns.

AWeber Pricing – On Par with MailChimp

AWeber’s base package starts from $19.99 per month, which is on par with MailChimp’s base offering. Both of them also have free plans with limited features, though MailChimp allows you to target 2,000 subscribers, whereas AWeber only allows for 500.

Key Features

  • Readily usable stock photos for optimizing your emails.
  • A/B testing 
  • Live support in case you have questions
  • Auto-fetch articles for creating engaging newsletters and referencing information
  MailChimp AWeber
Prime Feature  Unlimited image hosting In-built integrations for tools like Canva
Ideal For  E-commerce businesses, digital agencies Marketing businesses, e-commerce stores
Price Starting From  Free (2,000 subscribers) Free (500 subscribers)
Customer Service The free plan has no direct support. The premium plan offers email and phone support. Phone, ticket, email, webinars, knowledge bases, and tutorials are available for all plans. 

3. ConvertKit – Ideal for Bloggers and Content Creators

Convert Kit - MailChimp Alternatives

Then, we have ConvertKit. With integrations available for plugins like MailOptin, ConvertKit, it allows you to significantly increase your email list quickly. With the MailOptin integration, you can enhance the basic functionalities of ConvertKit with more features like pageview triggers, time on site triggers, a range of popups, and a lot more.

Bloggers and content creators need an email automation tool that doesn’t have a steep learning curve and still gives them advanced functionality to create personalized newsletters and emails. ConvertKit features a simple drag and drop builder with gorgeous templates for creating custom landing pages.

However, unlike MailChimp, ConvertKit doesn’t offer you anything other than email marketing, so if that’s what you need, this is a great choice. 

ConvertKit Pricing – Very Competitive

ConvertKit offers three pricing plans:

  • Free ($0/month for up to 1,000 subscribers)
  • Creator ($29/month for up to 1,000 subscribers)
  • Creator Pro ($59/month for up to 1,000 subscribers)

This is slightly more than MailChimp’s pricing, but it evens out if you pay annually, since they’ll give you two months free.

Key Features

  • Highly customizable sign-up forms
  • Email designing tool with lots of options
  • A dedicated landing page creator
  • You can also make product pages using the Creator tool.
  MailChimp ConvertKit
Prime Feature  Unlimited image hosting Creator tool for designing product pages
Ideal For  Ecommerce businesses, digital agencies Marketing businesses, e-commerce stores, bloggers
Price Starting From  Free (2,000 subscribers) Free (1,000 subscribers)
Customer Service The free plan has no direct support. The premium plan offers email and phone support. Community forums, knowledge base, direct messaging options are all available. 

4. HubSpot Email Marketing – The All-in-One Solution

Hubspot - Mailchimp alternative

HubSpot is not just designed for email marketing; it is one of the most feature-rich CRM platforms available right now. It gives you a host of tools that simplify marketing and automation. You can easily create a range of email campaigns, segment your lists, and create numerous templates. 

HubSpot Email Marketing is also famous for its excellent A/B testing tool that allows you to figure out which subject lines are resulting in higher open rates. HubSpot also has a free plan that allows you to send 2,000 emails per month to unlimited subscribers, making it an instantly better option than MailChimp for smaller businesses.

You can personalize your emails to a significant degree using HubSpot, and they also give you a range of objective-based templates that are designed primarily for the kind of emails you wish to send. You can also set up triggers and numerous types of pop-ups, including exit-intent pop-ups. 

HubSpot Pricing – Better Value than MailChimp?

The HubSpot Marketing Hub starts from $45 per month, and you can save 10% if you pay annually. If you have a larger email list, HubSpot’s pricier packages will be a much better option.

Key Features

  • Omni-channel marketing automation solutions to maintain brand consistency
  • A range of collaborative tools to work with your team 
  • Extensive personalization features
  • Contact scoring
  • List segmentation features for setting up automated triggers 
  MailChimp HubSpot
Prime Feature  Stock campaign templates  Comprehensive CRM platform with lots of integrations
Ideal For  Ecommerce businesses, digital agencies SMBs, e-commerce stores
Price Starting From  Free (2,000 subscribers) $50/month. A free plan is also available. 
Customer Service The free plan has no direct support. The premium plan offers email and phone support. Phone, live tickets, email, courses, and knowledge bases.

5. Campaign Monitor – A Versatile Email Marketing Solution 

Campaign Monitor - Mailchimp alternative

Campaign Monitor is another fantastic MailChimp alternative that we truly like. With an array of advanced features like customizable user journeys and detailed lists, Campaign Monitor had to be on this list. If you know a thing or two about email marketing, you can get maximum value out of Campaign Monitor.

It’s great for email campaigns and allows you to choose from a bunch of email templates that you can customize right off the bat. Campaign Monitor is different because it’s bifurcated into two offerings: one exclusively for e-commerce stores (Conversio), and one for other kinds of businesses.

Conversio features integrations for all major e-commerce platforms like BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Shopify, and several others. The other variant is fairly versatile, and you can customize it according to your needs. This is great for transactional email notifications. 

Campaign Monitor Pricing – A Cheaper Alternative to MailChimp

There are three pricing plans that Campaign Monitor offers:

  • Basic ($9/month for up to 2,500 emails)
  • Unlimited ($29/month for unlimited emails)
  • Premier ($149/month for unlimited emails)

This makes it a much more viable option to MailChimp, especially for people who are leaving MailChimp because of its rising costs. However, there’s no free option available, unlike MailChimp.

Key Features

  • Behavioral targeting features to help you identify prospects
  • Email builder tool for quickly setting up campaigns
  • A comprehensive range of email templates
  • Customer segmentation for creating drip campaigns
  • Product recommendations
  MailChimp Campaign Monitor
Prime Feature  Stock campaign templates  Organized navigational tools
Ideal For  Ecommerce businesses, digital agencies Digital agencies, SMBs, affiliate marketers
Price Starting From  Free (2,000 subscribers) $9/month. 
Customer Service The free plan has no direct support. The premium plan offers email and phone support. Webinars, training videos, tickets, and phone support.

6. Drip – An Affordable Marketing Platform


If you need an all-purpose email automation tool, Drip is a great option. A relative newcomer in the market, Drip has managed to carve out a niche for itself thanks to its excellent user interface and its range of customization tools. 

Drip includes features such as heat mapping and analytics data that are very accurate. Drip is designed primarily for e-commerce store owners in mind and all of their features are primarily geared towards nurturing prospects and nudging them along the sales funnel. 

But savvy marketers can also take advantage of the platform to maximize their reach.

Drip Pricing – Ideal for SMBs

Drip’s pricing starts from $19 monthly, though it’s only for 500 subscribers. They also offer SMS marketing, though it’s charged separately.

Key Features

  • Integration with several e-commerce platforms like Shopify and Magento
  • SMS marketing
  • Website tracking
  • Email automation workflow setup
  • Email segmentation 
  MailChimp Drip
Prime Feature  Excellent drag and drop builder Excellent UX/UI
Ideal For  Ecommerce businesses, digital agencies Casual bloggers, startups
Price Starting From  Free (2,000 subscribers) $49/month. 
Customer Service The free plan has no direct support. The premium plan offers email and phone support. Tickets, email, and phone support. 

7. DotDigital – Ideal for Omnichannel Marketing


DotDigital is an all-in-one marketing company that offers a range of solutions, including email marketing as well as omnichannel marketing planning and execution. The DotDigital platform is ideal for NFP marketers, B2B, and B2C marketers. If you are moving from MailChimp, you can easily import your data, create new segments, and easily migrate your lists.

It integrates very well with other platforms and is also an ideal choice for WordPress users who are just getting started with email marketing. It also gives you comprehensive CRM insights to see how your email campaigns are faring, and where you are lacking.

Keep in mind that DotDigital is not just for email marketing. It also supports landing page building and custom forms, as well as retargeting and SMS marketing. You can also integrate live chat into your website through the platform.

DotDigital Pricing – Custom Plans

DotDigital offers custom pricing, so you have to fill out a form to get a quote that’s tailored to your needs.

Key Features

  • Push notifications
  • Responsive email templates
  • Landing pages and forms
  • Live chat features
  • Drag and drop template builder
  MailChimp DotDigital
Prime Feature  Lots of custom templates SMS marketing feature
Ideal For  Ecommerce businesses, digital agencies SMBs, casual bloggers
Price Starting From  Free (2,000 subscribers) Custom pricing
Customer Service The free plan has no direct support. The premium plan offers email and phone support. Live chat, email, and phone support. 

8. SendinBlue – CRM + Email Marketing + SMS 

an alternative to Mailchimp

And finally, there’s SendinBlue. It’s an excellent email and SMS marketing tool that has excellent automation features, making it a viable choice for beginners. You can drag and drop elements to create different kinds of templates or choose from an extensive library. 

SendinBlue is ideal for SMBs and nonprofits. Many e-commerce store owners can also take advantage of its integrations to create email campaigns and segment their audiences to maximize engagement. The dashboard is extremely simple and clutter-free, so it won’t take long for an average user to start tracking analytics for their campaigns.

SendinBlue Pricing – Flexible Plans

SendinBlue has a free package, though that comes with limited functionality. The Lite package starts from $25 per month, with the Premium costing $65 per month. 

Key Features

  • Testing features like send-time optimization
  • Live chat software
  • SMS marketing 
  • Detailed analytics 
  MailChimp SendinBlue
Prime Feature  Lots of custom templates Unlimited contact storage
Ideal For  Ecommerce businesses, digital agencies SMBs, casual bloggers, e-commerce store owners
Price Starting From  Free (2,000 subscribers) Free (300 emails a day)
Customer Service The free plan has no direct support. The premium plan offers email and phone support. Live chat, email, and phone support is available for all packages

Frequently Asked Questions – MailChimp Alternatives

Why is MailChimp so Popular?

MailChimp is popular because it offers flexible pricing and the learning curve is incredibly shallow, so it’s ideal for non-technical marketers as well.

What’s the best free alternative to MailChimp?

SendinBlue is one of the best free alternatives to MailChimp, especially if you don’t have a massive email list to manage.

Which Mailchimp alternatives can connect with Shopify?

AWeber, Campaign Monitor, and Drip are alternatives for Mailchimp that can connect with Shopify. 

How can I improve my email open rate?

One of the easiest and best ways to start improving your email open rate is to extensively A/B test your subject lines. Also, segment your list to ensure that you are only sending relevant content to your subscribers.

What are the most important metrics to track for email marketing?

The most important metrics to track include your open rate and your click-through rate.

Are there free alternatives to MailChimp?

Yes, several platforms like SendinBlue and HubSpot offer free options, though with limited features.

Which service is most similar to MailChimp?

Constant Contact is probably the most similar to MailChimp in terms of email marketing automation.

Are there cheaper alternatives to MailChimp?

With monthly packages starting from $9, Campaign Monitor is a pretty cheap alternative to MailChimp.

Which is the best MailChimp alternative for Shopify?

Drip, Constant Contact, SendinBlue, and ConvertKit are all good, viable MailChimp alternatives for Shopify store owners. 

What is the best self-hosted alternative to MailChimp?

Mautic is a pretty popular self-hosted alternative to MailChimp that you may want to consider. SendPortal and Sendy are other common choice.

The Bottom Line – Which MailChimp Alternative Should You Choose?

And, that’s it – those are the best MailChimp alternatives we recommend checking out. All of these alternatives work very well with WordPress websites, especially with a plugin like MailOptin which makes growing your email list and engaging your subscribers effortless with everything you need from lead generation (popups, in-line forms, and more) all the way to automatic blog post broadcasts…

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