Drip Email Campaigns: 5+ Best Examples To Capture & Engage Leads

Studies on email marketing by top research-based platforms suggest that about 79 percent of marketing emails never convert to sales.

The fail percent of marketing emails are huge when compared to the 124 billion+ marketing emails that are sent and received each day!

So, Why people aren’t interested about your marketing email at all?

Well, engagement is the answer.

Most marketing emails lack enough factors that persuades the email recipient to analyze the email in detail and check out the offers provided.

Drip Email Campaigns is the answer for those who are looking for a cost-effective yet efficient way to improve the engagement and conversion on your marketing emails.

If you aren’t familiar with drip email campaign!

Then today, in this article I will be talking about what are drip email campaigns? And How to setup a successful drip email campaign in 2019?

What is a Drip Email Campaign?

A drip email campaigns is a form of email automation which is also known as an autoresponder.

The term “autoresponder” says, drip email campaigns are preset emails that are sent out to a recipient at a specific point of time or depending on the interaction of the user within the previous emails.

When to Use a Drip Email Campaign?

Drip email campaigns are usually used when you want to keep your leads engaged with your service or website content.

These drip emails are pre written emails which can be sent out to your subscribers based on their actions or triggered events.

Below are some of the successful drip email campaigns used by many popular platforms to collect, nurture and engage leads –

1. Emails for Welcoming Subscribers

Welcome emails are the ones sent to people who have recently subscribed to your email list.

The main purpose of welcome emails is to share interesting content with your customers about the products/services that your website offers.

Like in the image shown below – BBC welcome email clearly conveys its new subscribers about all the things they expect to receive in their email.

2. Emails Featuring Course Content

If you are running an online course where content and resources and passed onto the subscribers via emails, then drip email campaigns can be of great help to you.

Instead of pushing emails manually to each subscriber of your course, you can schedule emails for your course to be pushed to your subscribers periodically.

3. Emails Promoting Leads Area of Interest 

When a lead is identified, drip email campaigns can be utilized to send various emails promoting the lead that the customer is interested in.

As shown in the image below – HubSpot asks the area of interest from its subscribed users and based on user’s choice the service than sends out drip emails.

Doing so, a subscribed user gets emails based on its interest which in turn increases its engagement with the tool.

4. Emails Containing Promotional Content 

Lead promotion emails can include – discount coupons, free trial offerings, promotional and educational material, tutorial, or any other material that your prospective customer will find helpful.

Sending out promotional email drips will provoke your email subscribers to grab a product at the right time.

This can increase your product sales and ROI.

5. Customer Walkthrough Emails

Customer walkthrough emails are also known as customer onboarding emails.

Once a customer purchases any of your product or service, they will definitely have lots of questions related to how to get started with their new purchase.

Drip email campaigns are a great way to push through common knowledge and important information about the product or service that you are offering to new customers.

6. Emails to Get Feedback from Unsubscribers

It is important to collect feedback from people unsubscribing your email newsletter so that it becomes easier for you to understand what is wrong with your email campaign strategies.

Know the issues in case if there are any!

Resolve them and get your subscribers back.

How to Analyze the Success of Your Drip Email Campaign

Just like your regular email marketing campaign, it is important to regularly assess the success of your drip email campaign to ensure that everything is implemented correctly.

Tools such as MailOptin which allow users to run drip email campaigns will collect information related to various parameters of the emails sent such as –

  • Open rate.
  • Bounce rate.
  • Unsubscribe rate.
  • Click-through rate.
  • Conversion rate etc.

MailOptin impression & conversion analytics

Using all these information one can track down the success of their drip email campaigns.

Final Words

I have tried to include all the vital details about drip email campaigns in this article.

Most probably these are the simple yet effective drip email campaign examples that every small business or a newbie blogger can follow to collect, nurture and engage more leads.

If you are selling any product, online courses, have an eCommerce website or your site offers any services! Then I recommend you to try working on Drip Campaigns.

You will see a desirable impact on your sales and leads.

In case you have any questions regarding drip email campaigns, do leave a comment below with your query and I will surely help you out.

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