8 Creative Ways to Increase Interactivity in Your Emails

Email marketing is one of the best ways to get new clients and interact with existing customers. However, as there are plenty of content marketing strategies, you might get confused and get caught up in the latest trends.

An email should create engagement and increase overall interactivity. Interactivity is considered one of this year’s most important email marketing trends.  

However, if you cannot get the desired results, you must reevaluate the strategies involved in your email marketing campaign. You need to send emails that add value to the customer. If not so, they will unsubscribe from your email marketing list or even mark you as spam.

According to a report, more than 35 percent of the business professionals check their emails on their smartphones. Hence, enhancing the overall user experience and optimizing your emails for mobile devices is vital.

Creative Ways to Increase Interactivity in Your Emails

Real-time Marketing

Real-time marketing consists of current ongoing events and situations. Most of businesses entice their customers to make additional purchases.

The same concept applies to email marketing strategies as well.

More than 80 percent of marketing professionals believe that emails help in increasing overall customer retention.

For example, airline companies use real-time marketing to increase the sales of tickets.

You might be wondering how? I’ll go ahead and explain it to you.

The airline companies use real-time marketing and send engaging emails to their customers once the flight gets booked.

The email shows the real-time data of the available seats on the plane. It allows the customers to change their position at the same price.

However, it also allows them to upgrade their seat and move to first class. This strategy is beneficial and makes the user perform an easy decision.

Integrate Polls, Quizzes, Surveys, Etc.

Surveys, polls, and quizzes are very interactive and engaging. You can use it to improve your customer service strategy. Here’s a WordPress Survey plugin.

Instead of sending website links, you can create an engaging email survey.

Here’s an example of how the travel company Expedia uses surveys to increase the interactivity of emails.

Image Source – emaildesign

The survey is simple yet has been able to achieve its desired goals:

  • Valuable information about the customer.
  • Feedback about the services.
  • Increase click-through rates.

You can also enhance the overall user experience with the help of this data.

Image Source – superoffice

As you can see above, the biggest reason a customer leaves a company is that they feel like the enterprise does not care about them.

If you send regular surveys and polls, the customers will feel that their opinions are being heard.

Include Menus in the Email

Most websites have menus, and including one in the email can significantly improve click-through rates.

The menu in the email works in the same way as on a website.

When you click on the menu, the content drops down and provides a wide range of options.

The menu helps in adding more content in a smaller space. It also helps in improving the user experience of emails.

It is a simple and efficient way to send emails to customers and increase the overall interactivity of the emails.

If you want to learn how to use email marketing to get more customers or boost your business sales, then enroll in an email marketing course. It will help you to enhance your knowledge and will also help to make your business successful

Use Video Content

Videos are a great way to grab the attention of viewers and email subscribers. It also gives you an opportunity to divide the content into several types.

It is advised to send interactive and informative videos to the email subscribers, which will help them to keep up to date with the latest business happenings.

You can also use the “how-to” or instructional videos in your email to promote your product or services.

Adding a video in the email is much easier and more convenient for the users than a site link because they can view the videos directly in their email.

Image Source – pinpointe.com

According to a survey, more than 43 percent of the users want to see more video content from businesses.

Combining video and email marketing will surely boost the overall revenue of your business.

Add More GIFs

GIF or graphics interchange format is a great tool to incorporate into your email marketing campaigns. They are neither a photo nor videos, but they are somewhat similar to both of them.

Here’s an example of using GIFs in an email.

Image Source – mailbakery

A GIF stands out from the other content and grabs the user’s attention. It also increases the overall engagement and interactivity in the emails.

You can also include emojis to make the email more lively. According to a report, more than 56 percent of the companies using an emoji in their email had better open rates than others who did not.

GIFs are a unique way to produce content as they are not still photos or as long as videos.

Add Personalization

Personalization is one of the most important factors which gives you a competitive edge against your competitors. It makes the customer feel special, which increases their trust and loyalty to the brand or company.

Some of the personalization tricks you need to follow are:

  • Address the users by their names.
  • Send them personalized wishes on important days like birthdays, anniversaries, etc.
  • Sign off the emails with your name.

To add personalization in an email, send something which will make them interact with your business.

For example, you can send the details of an abandoned shopping cart, product suggestions, recommendations based on their browsing history, and others.

It will entice the user to click on the email and take some action.

Integrate Live Shopping Carts

You need to take one step further to increase the overall interactivity of the emails. Other than just sending the abandoned cart details, you can also create a live shopping cart directly on the email.

Here’s an example of a live shopping cart.

If you have integrated a shopping cart into the email, it is easy for the customers to navigate directly from within the email.

It is also advised to add a discount coupon in the email to encourage the users to take action.

Add to Calendar Option

If you want to improve the overall click-through rate of an email, give your subscribers as much opportunity as possible to click on something.

If you are promoting an event through email, then give an option to the user to add it to their calendar.

Image Source – mailup

It is one of the most simple and unique ways to increase interactivity in your emails. It will also help consumers to remind themselves about a particular event.

Wrap Up

Emails are one of the most effective online marketing strategies to increase the sales and revenue of businesses online.

All you need to do is use the latest methods and strategies working in the industry and incorporate the elements listed above to increase the overall interactivity.

You can allow subscribers to respond to polls and surveys and use real-time marketing efforts to upsell purchases.

Use personalization methods to grab the users’ attention and offer them discounts or coupon codes to spark their curiosity.

Add menus, interactive content, live shopping carts, and others to increase the click-through rates and interactivity of the emails.


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