Email Marketing Campaign Strategy & Best Practices

The digital marketing landscape is one that keeps evolving. Before the advent of social media, email marketing campaigns dominated digital advertising.

Does this mean that email marketing is dead or no longer an effective channel to gain customer loyalty, trust, or promote brand awareness? Not at all.

An email marketing campaign is considered to be an essential component of a company’s marketing mix to drive interaction and revenue. To get your desired return on investment and to ensure your company maintains a positive reputation, you have to do it right.

In 2018, Radicati Group conducted a study and reported that there will be more than 3.8 billion email users before the start of 2019. This means that at the moment over half the human populace now uses email.

An email marketing campaign can be much more effective by way of the acquisition of new customers and gaining repeat business if we adopt proven best practices.

What Are These Best Practices?

Building a Subscriber List

A subscriber list is a collection of people who opted in to hear from you by providing their emails. Building your subscriber list is one of the most important tasks you ought to do to grow your business because you definitely need an audience that’s interested in hearing from you and engaging with your business.

Freemium offers with a call-to-action button on the landing page of your site is a proven strategy for collecting emails of visitors to your site. In exchange for a freemium service, site visitors willingly consent to receive your newsletter, this way you can quickly build your email list. Other strategies to employ are special promotions and conducting a survey. Regardless of how tempting it is, never buy or share a subscribers list.

Craft Engaging Email Content

Driving the growth of your email list demands a strategic approach, but also to retain subscribers, your content must be engaging and exciting to your subscribers. Give careful thought and consideration to which content to include in your campaigns.

A well-structured email is essential for ease of consumption. Use clear headings to introduce new paragraphs and bullet points to break up information, and make the message easily digestible. You can also include hyperlinks that link to additional information rather than generating a text-heavy email or using attachments and also a strong and clear call-to-action.

Decide on how best to communicate midnight offers, flash sales, and product guides in your newsletter. Subscribers pulling off your list is a pointer that your content is not engaging and exciting.

Responsive Email Design

In recent times people now engage more with their phones and tablets than traditional PC, smartphone penetration is steadily on the increase.

Responsive email is an effective way to increase the email open rate because it optimizes your email campaign for every subscriber on your list. For an email campaign to yield the needed result, it should be designed to target all device sizes and well optimized to work perfectly on mobile devices. The design should be responsive, consistent with a good look and feel.

Metrics and Analysis

Metrics and analytics are fundamental when reviewing the performance of your campaigns. In order to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns, you first need to define your goals. Doing this will help you easily identify what’s yielding results and what’s not, with such insight you iterate your email campaigns for better performance.

Leveraging analytic tools will enable you to track ROI through CTRs, unsubscribed, and bounce rates. It helps you to understand what emails people are responding to and engaging with, this will further guide you to develop great content to send out to your list.

In Summary

Email is very much alive in today’s online marketing landscape and worth building a strategy around. An email campaign is typically built on a list of users who have subscribed to receive communication from you. Implementing email campaign best practices and strategies as highlighted above using an email automation tool such as MailOptin yields amazing results and helps you surpass your email campaign goals.

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