Send Leads From WordPress to Facebook Custom Audience

MailOptin integrates with your Facebook Ad account so you can gather leads into Facebook Custom Audiences, automate marketing and sales process. It does this by sending or syncing leads, email subscribers or submissions from a form with a custom audience so you can retarget them later.

Connect MailOptin to a Facebook Application

To achieve this, ensure you’ve connected MailOptin to your Facebook Ad account by following this guide.

If you wish to create a new custom audience for a particular form, you can always do that from the main integration page where you connected MailOptin to your Facebook application.

Create a Form and Integrate Facebook Custom Audience

Next, you need to create a form or optin campaign by following this guide.

saving an in-post subscription form

In the form builder, open the “Integrations” panel, add a Facebook Custom Audience integration and select an audience to synchronise leads to.

Save the changes and activate the optin campaign from the top left corner of your screen.

When there are new leads, they will automatically be added to the custom audience on Facebook so you can retarget them.

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