How to Activate WooCommerce Targeting in Optin Campaigns

WooCommerce pages targeting

MailOptin’s WooCommerce targeting allows you to display your optin campaigns and unique offers across your eCommerce shop such as on product pages, products belonging to specific categories and tags, on cart and checkout pages, endpoints and more.

This guide will show you how to start using WooCommerce level targeting for your optin campaigns in MailOptin.

Click the campaign title or the Customize button to open the edit screen.

Optin campaign listing

Open Display rule panel >> WooCommerce Targeting to configure where your optin campaign will be displayed.

WooCommerce pages targeting

Available location you can target to display your messages, popup coupons, optin forms or call to actions include:

  • WooComemerce shop page
  • WooCommerce product pages
  • Specific products single pages
  • Products belonging to specific categories
  • WooCommerce cart page
  • WooCommerce checkout page
  • WooCommerce My Account page
  • Order received or Thank You page
  • Order pay page or endpoint
  • All WooCommerce endpoints
  • And many more.