Adding Accept Terms & Privacy Policy Checkbox to Optin Forms

Adding privacy policy and terms of service to optin forms

If you wish to add a checkbox to your MailOptin optin forms so visitors and users can accept or agree to your terms of service, marketing and privacy policies/statement before they are subscribed; here’s how to do it. This could be important in making your website GDPR compliant.

If you need to create an optin first, then go ahead and follow our guide to Creating Your First Optin.

Otherwise, go to your Dashboard and click Edit, as shown below.

MailOptin edit optin campaign

After you have opened the form builder to edit your campaign, open the “Note” panel and scroll down to “Enable Acceptance Checkbox” section and activate. A field to customize the error message shown when a user do not check the checkbox will be revealed.

Optin acceptanche checkbox settings

When this is activated, the note or statement below the optin form will now contain a checkbox. Use the “note” textarea to add the privacy policy and/or terms of service.

Adding privacy policy and terms of service to optin forms

You can add a link to your privacy policy or terms of service by highlighting the desired text and clicking the chainlink icon to add a hyperlink.

Click chain Icon to add hyperlink

Don’t forget to save the changes when you are done.

GDPR Compliance

Beside requiring explicit consent, the GDPR also requires you to be able to demonstrate proof of explicit, affirmative consent from data subjects so that you’re able to provide it if requested.

Depending on the email service provider (ESP) you are using, when a visitor agree to your terms by checking the checkbox before submitting the optin form, MailOptin will save the consent against their profile in your ESP account either as custom field, tag or utilizing the API of your ESP to pass across the consent.

Taking Drip, ConvertKit and Sendy as an example, here’s how the GDPR consent is stored.

Drip subscriber with GDPR / EU consent



ConvertKit subscriber with GDPR / EU consent


Sendy subscriber with GDPR / EU consent