Introducing MailOptin WordPress Plugin

Everyone agrees that to become really successful online, one of the bragging rights is the poof of a robust email list– without it, having a successful online business won’t be sustained for long.

One big mistake people make is neglecting this simple basis of establishing a successful online business for later. The moment a website is launched; it should be complemented with optin-forms immediately. There should be no room for the delay!

Apparently, you are putting up a list of to-do’s for your online business or have decided to start building a list but are not really sure where or how to start. Chances are you will feel disappointed with early results when you neglect the right tools. Unfortunately, there are only a handful of quality tools for this job.

Say Hello to MailOptin

MailOptin is the ultimate WordPress lead generation and email marketing automation plugin that will help you grow, nurture and engage your customers and mailing list.

Unlike other alternatives in the market that only capture leads, it goes a step further to keep your customers and email list subscribers constantly engaged using its suite of event-triggered and automated emails such as new post notification with others such as email digests, new user/customer welcome messages to come.

Why MailOptin

If building an email list is a priority for you, which ought to be the case, and you want to spend less time sending crafting and sending email campaigns; then there is a lot of benefits you will get using the MailOptin plugin.

You may get frustrated trying to look out for cheaper or entirely free alternatives because there are none that can be as potent as this plugin.

Would you rather waste time and lose leads trying to try alternatives with no sufficient proof of success, or would you start building your email list aggressively and in the right way?

Reflect on that for a moment…

Lead Generation & Email Automation Plugin

Install MailOptin today to convert your visitors to email subscribers and engage them with automated newsletters whenever you publish new blog posts.