Setup WordPress New Post Notification to Zoho Campaigns Contacts

The New Post Notification email automation feature in MailOptin is an essential tool for email list builders. This tutorial will teach how to set up a new post notification or email alert to your contacts in Zoho Campaigns.

MailOptin will automatically send the new post newsletter to your email list subscribers on your behalf for every new post you publish.

To get started:

Ensure you’ve connected MailOptin with your Zoho Campaigns account. If you haven’t done that, go ahead and do it before returning to this tutorial.

Click “Email Automations“> Create New.

Enter your “Automation Title” and “Select Automation Type” > “New Post Notification” > Select Template.

Here’s how to use your own custom email template.

Creating new email automation

After selecting your template, you will be taken to the email customizer page, where you can configure the automation settings, template page, template header, template content, and even send a test email to your email address.

MailOptin WordPress email template builder

For this process to work without issues, you need to click the “Campaign/Automation Settings” and select “Zoho Campaigns” as your connection.

Then select a specific email list to which the new post newsletters will be sent. You can also decide to send the newsletters immediately after post by checking “Send immediately” or schedule it to be sent minutes, hours, or days after publication.

So that you know, you can create as much automation to be sent to a different email list based on the categories and tags the post belongs to.

Categories and tags mapping

Set up is now complete.

Every time MailOptin sends a new post-email newsletter to your contact list, you will see the record in Zoho Campaigns.

Let us know if you have any questions or comments.