How to Show Optin Campaigns on Desktop, Tablet and Mobile Devices

MailOptin device-based targeting

MailOptin allows you to create optin campaigns (lead capture forms, banners, popups, etc) in WordPress targeted specifically to certain devices to help improve your conversion rate.

By default, all campaigns will show on all devices. However, there might be cases you want your optin to be shown on desktops only, on both phones and tablets, or on either phone or tablets.

MailOptin can detect any desktop/laptop, tablet, and mobile device.

How to Target Specific Devices

In the form builder, open Display Rules >> Device Targeting

Since by default, the optin is shown on all devices, you are presented with options to select devices to hide the optin form. For example, to show only on mobile devices, enable Hide on Desktop and Hide on Tablet. To show on desktop/laptop only, enable Hide on Tablet and Hide on Mobile. You get the idea right?

MailOptin device-based targeting

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