6-Step Approach to Email Marketing Strategy That Works

Email marketing strategy is an evolving process that you create to capture emails from your subscribers and send them valuable content on a regular basis. It is not a “set it and forget it” type of thing.

You will have to change things that don’t work, and implement new things that work until you get the desired results you are looking for.

Every serious Internet business person must have an effective email marketing strategy in place, if you want to stay afloat. You can do that easily with MailOptin plugin on your WordPress blog.

MailOptin is not a new email marketing plugin for WordPress. It has been around for some time now. Most importantly, it has a free and premium version, so you definitely can use it even if you have no budget. However, I will recommend that you go for the premium version if you want to get the best out it.

With that said, let me show you a 6 step email marketing strategy that works.

Step 1: Install MailOptin

Install and activate MailOptin plugin on your WordPress site. It is easy to install like any other WordPress plugin.

  1. Login to your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Plugins > Add New and click on the Upload Plugin button.
  3. Choose the plugin zip file and click Install Now.
  4. Once installed, click Activate.
  5. You are done.

If you are lost, let me know in the comments below so that I can help you out.

Step 2: Signup with a Reputable Email Service Provider

Find a reputable email marketing service provider and signup with them. It is not a good idea to send email campaigns with your Gmail or yahoo mail, etc. An email marketing service provider helps you collect, store, protect, and send regular email campaigns to your subscribers on a regular basis.

There are several email marketing services or platforms out there like Campaign Monitor, Drip, MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, Constant Contact, and ConvertKit, etc. that you can choose from. The good news is that MailOptin works perfectly well with the ones I have mentioned and more.

MailOptin integrates with many reliable and popular email marketing providers, CRMs, analytics, and WordPress solutions.

With the ease of integration that MailOptin provides, you can continue to grow your business, drive more traffic, and convert more high-quality leads.

Step 3: Add Opt-in Forms and Give Away Enticing Incentives

Add a form to your website and give away an eBook or a free course to your subscribers. They will leave you their emails when they download the book or take the course.

MailOptin provides several prebuilt forms that you can use. You can also customize anyone to the perfect design that you can imagine.

You can choose the Lightbox Pop which appears above existing pages and grabs attention of the visitor and display targeted messages or offers.

The Notification Bar attaches itself to the top of every page while visitors scroll through your pages. They never interrupt viewing experience, but are hardly missed. A perfect place to leave a message for your visitors.

Before / After post positions are quite effective to convert those who are already familiar with your work. These forms are hardly missed.

If you are like me, you will not ignore the Side Bar or Widget, Embedded or Inline, and the Slide-In forms. They are quite effective. You can combine them together for better results.

Step 4: Regularly Build Your Email List

If you blog, podcast or do videos, tell people at the end of it to join your email list. Share your list on social media sites and encourage everyone to sign up to keep receiving updates from you. Ask them to subscribe. Sometimes people just like to be told to do something. Get into guest blogging and share you email list wherever you make a guest post. Keep doing it.

Step 5: Send Regular Useful Content to Your List

Good and valuable content is king on the internet, and if you want to keep your email subscribers happy, then you have to send useful content to your list on a regular basis. That is what they are subscribing for, so don’t disappoint.

If you engage your list with useful content, they will stay on the list for a long time, and may refer others to join the list, because they found your content very useful.

If you create valuable content for your blog, you can send them as emails to your subscribers using MailOptin to schedule your post.

Step 6: Present Relevant Offers to Your List on a Regular Basis

Someone may ask, when should I start sending offers to my list?

Immediately they get on the list, start sending discounts and offers on a regular basis. Give them the opportunity to participate on your list. Include a strong call to action link to make them take action. In that way you will know those who are active or not.

It is not just building an email list that is the key to success, it is making sure that the list you have is healthy. Engage your audience with regular offers and discounts, and invite them to take action when there is need to.


Repeat step 4, 5, 6 over and over again until you get the desired results. That is how an effective email marketing strategy works. It is an evolving process that you keep repeating to get better results. As I earlier said, it is not a “set it and forget it” kind of thing. You have to work at it to get better results.

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